Can Your Business Benefit from The Collaborative Economy?

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Can Scottish tourism businesses benefit from the collaborative economy?

A newly published industry report, commissioned by Scottish Enterprise, in partnership with the Scottish Government and the Scottish Tourism Alliance, The Collaborative Economy and Scottish Tourism explores the growth of the collaborative economy in Scotland’s tourism sector, the current situation for the major players in each sub-sector, and how much the collaborative economy has made its presence felt in this sector.

The report considers the extent to which different sectors in the collaborative economy, such as food and drink and accommodation, have faced, and could face, tighter legislation; and includes a series of case studies from around the world.

In addition to conducting a wide-ranging review of contemporary literature on the collaborative economy, the researchers use evidence and opinion from a variety of Scottish tourism sector stakeholders collected via an online survey, a series of in person interviews, and an industry event, the Scottish Tourism Alliance Autumn Conference on 3rd October 2017.

Read and download the Collaborative Economy and Scottish Toursim Report and the Executive Summary on the Business Loch Lomond Knowledge section.