Interface Innovation Projects & Voucher Schemes

Interface can assist businesses in several ways, including the creation and development of new products, services and processes by connecting organisations to the right academic expertise within Scotland. Interface can also help businesses to access a range of funding options to offset the cost of a project.

Interface can support innovations and improvements in tourism businesses to:

  • Grow customer bases
  • Save money on outlays
  • Create a unique offer
  • Boost visitor spend
  • Help future trajectory in a challenging environment

These areas and more can be supported by Scotland’s universities and research institutions. Interface broker academic collaborations to help tourism businesses understand more about customers, be smarter online, reduce costs and grow bottom line, develop teams and expand, and grow tourism in their area.

Check out some ideas of where academic expertise in research and development can be applied to collaborative projects:

  • Adding to your understanding of behaviour, motivations and attitudes of your target domestic and international markets
  • Developing products for retail
  • Contributing to projects extending the seasonality of a destination
  • Acting where energy efficiencies and cost savings can be made
  • Developing smart devices to help design visitor flows and ease congestion
  • Designing engaging and inclusive solutions for visitor access
  • Utilising digital technology to help visitors find information and plan their trips
  • Bringing computer technologies like virtual or augmented reality to enhance interpretation
  • Creating marketing material for modern means of communication

Whether you are an individual business or a group of businesses with a common location, market, interest or challenge, Interface can help. Its free matchmaking service can identify potential academic partners and it can also identify funding opportunities to off-set the cost of your initial collaboration.

Find out more about how Interface works with the tourism sector: