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Get Your Business China Ready for Visitors

China’s fast-growing visitor market, increased direct flights to the UK and a simplified visa process is great news for Scotland’s tourism industry. If Chinese visitors are part of your market or a developing market, is your business China-Ready?

Key Facts (Source: ETAG China Ready Business Opportunities Guide 2016):

  • There are approximately 9,000 Chinese students studying in Scotland
  • Worth £62m in 2014, China is in the top 5 growth markets for Scotland.
  • 53% of Chinese students living in Edinburgh welcome visiting friends & family at least once a year.
  • Visitors from China to the UK (IPS Survey 2014) average a length of stay in the UK of 24.2 days and the visitor average daily spend is £111.
  • Digital and mobile is hugely important for Chinese visitors, 75% of Chinese tourists rely on reviews and word of mouth via Chinese blogs, websites and social media platforms.
  • The Chinese love shopping and enjoy buying souvenirs, tartan, whisky, cashmere and luxury brands when in Scotland. They are motivated by the tax refund opportunities for their purchases.
  • Gifts and giving are a huge part of Chinese culture.
  • Films are an important influencer for Chinese young people, with many Chinese visitors following the trails and routes highlighted in movies, such as Harry Potter or One Day.

Reaching Chinese visitors and engaging with them requires a different approach. Download the  toolkit resources for your business to help you prepare accordingly:

  • Find out why Chinese visitors come to Scotland – what are their motivations?
  • Capitalise on the Chinese consumers’ growing demand for a healthy lifestyle, a desire to get away from crowds and pollution – these have all helped to fuel hunger for new experiences.
  • Where do Chinese visitors find travel inspiration? What are their booking patterns and when do they tend to travel to the UK?
  • Working in partnership is crucial to reaching this market – what are the channels?
  • Chinese Visitor Insights and Profiles: find out demographics, buying habits, social media use (and don’t forget the student market or visiting friends and relatives!)
  • Trade Events: What’s in it for Businesses?
  • Social media, messaging apps and payment platforms – what you need to know

The Edinburgh Tourism Action Group (ETAG) has already developed considerable resources for businesses including a Business Opportunities guide. VisitScotland also has excellent resources to assist businesses on becoming China Ready, including information sheets for accommodation providers, attractions and retailers. Look out for more business events on this theme from Love Loch Lomond in Autumn 2017.

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