Motivating and Developing Your Employees

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Lodge on Loch Lomond
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Employees who are not motivated will likely give minimum effort to any task, this impacts on their productivity, quality of work and their loyalty towards their employer. 

As a result, they are more likely to leave if offered another job. Motivated employees, on the other hand, are loyal and take pride in their work. The employer benefits from increased productivity, quality of work and generally low staff turnover.


This workshop will support you to raise the motivation of employees and improve performance.


Suitable for those responsible for managing others.


This workshop has been designed to be highly interactive and includes:

  • The importance of motivation.
  • What motivates others?
  • Challenges of workplace motivation.
  • Your approach – the carrot, the plant or the stick?
  • How to give employees feedback that will improve performance.
  • How to set clear & defined goals.
  • Conducting performance appraisals that are valued by you and your employees.
  • Creating development plans to build employees capability and confidence leading to increased productivity.

This workshop costs £25 per person - book via the link above.